Inspiring Futures Coaching specializes in helping professionals at personal or career crossroads – people who are going through a transitional period.

Invest in yourself and focus on what you want most in life.

Personal and Professional Coaching

Are you facing too many demands or tough challenges, in business or at home? Personal and professional coaching can help you to:

• Think ‘bigger’ and create new perspectives.

• Explore your work style and improve your productivity.

• Build more fulfilling interpersonal relationships.

Develop practical strategies you can immediately act upon to improve your quality of life.

Career Coaching

Are you dissatisfied with your current situation, job opportunities or career prospects? Consider career coaching to:

• Capitalize on your personal strengths and innate talents more effectively.

• Head towards career satisfaction.

• Propel yourself forward with a smart action plan.

Discover and pursue a more purposeful, authentic new career that re-vitalizes, re-inspires and re-invigorates you.

Retirement Lifestyle Coaching

Are you recently retired or aiming to retire in the next 10 years? Retirement is a significant life shift. Retirement coaching enables you to:

• Explore what retirement means for you.

• Uncover new possibilities by connecting to your passions, dreams, talents and new interests.

• Establish a plan for your future lifestyle and translate your vision into reality.

Explore how to design the next phase with meaningful goals to create a rich and rewarding future.


Services are available in English and French and are offered in individual or group formats.

These services are covered under most insurance plans.